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Par Pacific Holdings, Inc. (NYSE MKT: PARR), headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a growth-oriented company that manages and maintains interests in energy related assets. Par Pacific, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates a 94 Mbpd refinery with related logistics and retail network in Hawaii. Par Pacific also transports, markets and distributes crude oil from Western U.S. and Canada to refining hubs in the Midwest, Gulf Coast, East Coast and to Hawaii. In addition, Par Pacific owns an equity investment in Piceance Energy, LLC, which has natural gas production and reserves located in the Piceance Basin of Colorado. Par Petroleum Corporation was renamed Par Pacific Holdings, Inc. on October 20, 2015. 

Par Pacific has an active, opportunistic growth strategy. We look for operations with strong fundamentals and great employees who can move a business forward. Our management team has deep experience in the energy industry, as well as in leading mergers, acquisitions and integrations of newly acquired companies.

Par Pacific's charter contains restrictions that prohibit parties from acquiring 5% or more of Par Pacific's common stock without Par Pacific's prior consent.
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